New Dong Yuan Elementary School Hsinchu City front door

Front door of Dong Yuan Elementary School

Hsinchu Dong Yuan Elementary School, officially known as Dong Yuan Elementary School Hsinchu City East District (Chinese: 新竹市東區東園國民小學). It is at No.25, Yuanhou St., East Dist., Hsinchu City, Taiwan.


Its area is about 3.1 ha.


The school founded on August 1 of 1952.

Moved to the present position on July 20 of 1953.

Renamed as Dong Yuan Elementary School Hsinchu County Hsinchu City (新竹縣新竹市東園國民小學) on August 1st of 1968.

Gym completed on September 1 of 1977.


  • 2nd semester of 2010
    • Boy: 1267
    • Girl: 1080
    • Total: 2347
  • 2nd semester of 2014
    • Boy: 1153
    • Girl: 1022
    • Total: 2175

Building IntroductionEdit

Ying-Sing Building (迎星樓)3 floors37 years of history.
Cyun-Ying Building (群英樓)3 floors and 1 basementBuilt in the 1990s. The B1 is billiard room.Grade 6 use it.
Si-Wang Building (希望樓)3 floorsReconstruction completed in 2010, the original it is 2 floors.Kindergarten use the 1st floor of it.
Cin-Syue Building (勤學樓)4 floors and 1 basementThe B1 is is computer classroom.
Shu-Siang Building (書香樓)2 floorsIt is in back of playground.
Siang-Yang Building (向陽樓)3 floorsThe 1st floor is parking lot.
Central Hallway (中廊)2 floors and 1 basementThe B1 is Rhythm classroom, Library on the 1F, and teachers office on the 2F.
Gym1 floorPE class place when raining.

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