With minerals is mentioned, a dual meanings, namely:

Materials (rocks, minerals, etc.) with a particular use (useful for humanity, economics etc.) that come from the earth (mined). Any non-organic matter (expression, "the kingdom of the minerals"). It is used in very many different fields of mineral resources, including as a fuel, as a building block and as a raw material. Or some useful rock or mineral can be mined economically, depends on the value of the mineral, the amount and concentration of the geological occurrence, geographic location and political and socio-economic conditions at the site.

The term mineral resource is also used for liquid and gaseous useful substances, such as petroleum, natural gas, and even water. The best known mineral resources are ores, fossil fuel, salts, and water.

Many minerals are used for construction and infrastructure projects. These materials such as sand, gravel, clay, clay, limestone, and natural stone


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