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Worldpedia (Chinese:世界大典) is a wiki as an encyclopedia. The founder is Msnhinet8, he created it on 3 December 2011. He created it because he wanted an encyclopedia in Traditional Chinese‎. There have been over 5000 articles.

Four years later, English Worldpedia was created on 29 January 2015 by T Gordon Cheng, then Penarc also joined it.

Now, the project in English, traditional Chinese, Spanish, Korean, German, Japanese, and Dutch have been created.


A wiki which has been closed was marked in italics.

LanguagesArticleCreate DateURLWiki farm
Chinese(zh)中文1December 3, 2011
Japanese(ja)日本語2June 21, 2014
English(en)English3September 2, 2014
Korean(ko)한국어4September 6, 2014
Spanish(es)Español5December 16, 2014
French(fr)Français6December 17, 2014
Thai(th)ไทย7December 18, 2014
German(de)Deutsch8December 27, 2014
Mongolian(mn)Монгол9September 22, 2015
Dutch(nl)Nederlands10April 9, 2016
Classical Chinese(lzh)文言11June 20, 2016
Chinese(zh) - Japanese(ja) - English(en) - Korean(ko) - Spanish(es) - French(fr) - Thai(th) - German(de) - Mongolian(mn) - Dutch(nl) - Classical Chinese(lzh)

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