Featured articles are most outstanding articles in Worldpedia. Features articles set a example for other articles of Worldpedia.

  • Now, there are 4 featured articles out of 186 articles on the English Worldpedia (Every 46.5 articles have a featured article.)
  • Featured articles show on the main page is change once every month.
  • If there is a star mark (Featured article star) on right corner of article page , the article is an featured article.

Now, this featured article show on the main page:

Ana Spider-characteristics

a spider

Spiders are small animals, looking a bit like insects, of which they are distant relatives. Spiders are easy to recognize from insects by the fact that the body is made of two (instead of three) parts, and that they bear four (and not three, as insects) pairs of legs. Spiders never have wings. They have 8 eyes, and 8 legs.

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Here is the latest list of featured article‎s.

  1. Traditional Chinese‎
  2. Mushi‎
  3. Solar System
  4. Spider
  5. Taiwan

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